Possible problems with Twitter ad launching and audience lists

Twitter’s ad tool has some issues. And it will be useful for us to know about them.

All of these problems are caused by twitter’s advertising and targeting algorithm. We have encountered these problems many times. And we have produced solutions for some of them.

We strongly recommend that you read before starting an ad.

Small Audience

  • Twitter does not accept lists with less than 2000 people for user safety. You may receive a small audience warning while uploading your list.
  • You may receive the same warning when uploading a list larger than 2000 people. However, in most cases, this warning changes to “ready” in a short time.
  • Solution: If you are sure that you have an audience list larger than 2000, wait for a while after receiving the small audience warning. It will be ready.
  • Solution 2: If there is still a problem with your list, try deleting and reuploading it. The problem will solve.

Audience size

  • Twitter matches usernames and accounts in lists. This process takes an average of 6-8 hours.
  • Twitter usually matches fewer people than the list you upload. For example; When you upload a list of 30,000 people, you can see that there are 15,000 people. Twitter gives an average audience size. Unfortunately, they are not successful in this regard.
  • Solution: Our experience has shown us that. When we load an audience of 30,000, Twitter confirms it as 15,000. But when we start an ad, we choose our list. The average audience size is 15,000 people. But after we started the ads, we discovered that we had 30,000 impressions. (in case it is shown to everyone only once.)
  • This means. Even if Twitter shows an audience size of 15,000 people, it will promote your ad to 30,000 people on your list.

Choosing your list when starting an ad

  • Twitter constantly matches and updates your uploaded list, so sometimes you may see this warning.

Global audience size not available.

It will correct itself in a short time.

Your ad didn’t get impressions

  • Choosing your target cost very low.
  • Twitter races advertisers. Let’s say there are 2 advertisers showing ads to the same audience. Twitter highlights the party that pays more based on budget and target cost. If you are advertising with a target cost, your ad may not receive impressions in some cases.
  • Solution: Gradually increase the target cost amount.
  • Automatic bidding: Automatic bidding should not normally be used. It can increase your cost significantly. (Except for limited times such as the launch day.)

You don’t want double the cost just to get impressions. If you want to race smarter and spend less, be patient.