How did I get 735 clicks with €29 ad spend? (Case study)

This is the most effective way to reach your potential customers at low cost. Here are 7 fine-tunes.


Twitter custom audience list feature is a holy grail.

I explained the Twitter custom audience list feature, which is the best hack of modern times.

It allows you to show ads only with usernames, without private information such as email or phone number.

My goal was to deliver the product we developed ( to the right people.

As the target audience, I choosed the people who wrote “founder” “saas” “building” in their Twitter profile bios.

Because they are mostly people who own or develop a product. I listed people who wrote these keywords in their profile.

I uploaded my lists to the Twitter ads/audience section. and started a new ad campaign. Also, I made some fine-tunes. (tiny tricks)

I know all the fine-tunes as I’ve launched 100+ Twitter ads in the past. (and I’ve shared these tricks on the this blog for everyone’s benefit.)

1- Reach campaign

I started a “reach” campaign. Because reach campaigns cost less. Cost per 1000 impressions. My target audience list consists of people who will be interested in my product. So I will get high engagement. If I pay per engagement it will be very costly.

2- Campaign Budget Optimization

Twitter allows advertisers to compete with each other. Those who have a larger budget and want to spend more will have priority. But I don’t want to spend more.

I set a high amount for my total advertising budget. (even if I don’t use it.) But I set a limit for the daily budget. This setting will prevent you from overspending.

3- Target Cost

I set a target cost. (this varies locally.) It costs between €3.63-6.22 for Europe. I chose 3.63 when starting the campaign.

I’ll upgrade based on whether the ad gets impressions or not.

Then I gradually increased the target cost. I stopped upgrading last at €4.93. So, I maximum cost per 1000 impressions will be €4.93.

4- Frequency Cap

I set the frequency cap to 1 in 7 days. Showing ads too often can be negative. This may vary depending on your audience.

5- Location

In the beginning, I left the location part blank. And I wanted it to appear to everyone on my list.

As the campaign progressed, I reviewed the results. And later, I progressed by choosing the 15 most optimized countries.

6- Custom Audiences

Custom Audience is the most critical part.

The lists we uploaded appear here. I chose my lists. More than one list can be selected here.

7- Keywords

I leave the targeting features section blank. Because it’s bullshit For example; It gives a target audience size of 67 million for the marketing keyword.

I don’t spend 1.000+€ on this bullshit audience size, I already do this with my lists.

For example; 50-60k people who only write marketer-marketing on their profile.


After these fine-tunes,

I created my tweet to show ads. (or select from old tweets.)

Similarly, there are many campaigns that I have started. I run tests to determine which audience and tweet do better.

Testing is important.

Here are the results;

735 clicks with €29 ad spend.

Twitter ad results

Without using the custom audience lists feature it’s not possible to get such results on Twitter.

Others will probably have to pay €1000+ to achieve these results. I feel profitable for €970


Also, dozens of new potential customers who saw the ad and join the waiting list.

If you want to reach your niche audience directly, get new customers and do them at low cost,